Elements Boutique Spa Blends

We named the spa Elements because Nick felt it had been built using them all, the Somerset levels are an area of natural beauty and the spa is perched nicely on a hill, often getting blown about in the wind, when we first met he mentioned the gales a lot, so we started with Air and it grew from there. The Spa is made from local materials with a focus on wood, stone and glass.

The building blocks or core theme through our Body collection are the four essential blends that make up the four elements so I thought I would detail these a little more, so you can get an idea of why each one was created and for who might like to use them and when to incorporate these into your daily routines.

Elements Boutique Spa - Earth


Earth is a grounding blend of patchouli, geranium and vetiver, which was designed to unwind and calm your mind. This blend is our signature blend and one you can smell throughout the spa when you visit, designed with relaxation and creating a sense of calm in mind. This is a perfect blend to use at bedtime as a evening ritual. Whether that’s the roller ball on your pulse points and slowly inhale the aroma, or using the body oil as a nourishing moisturiser.

Elements Boutique Spa - Fire


Fire is a warming blend of ginger, cedarwood and lemon to relax and soothe the mind. This blend was a tough one to create to represent what I wanted Fire to mean, we tried so many versions before settling on this one, I love how the ginger is the initial scent and the cedarwood gently comes later. The lemon which may seem an interesting choice for a warming blend, as is often associated with fresh or vibrant scents, helps blend it all together a common oil to pair with ginger. A subtle scent which men and woman alike can enjoy. Also a nice blend to use those wintery months when you want to feel cocooned and nourished.

Elements Boutique Spa - Air


Air is a truly uplifting blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and pine to invigorate and clear the mind. You can use this blend any time of the day (or year) but is great when those allergies or seasonal colds start to kick in, packed with essential oils which help to strengthen your immune system. 

Elements Boutique Spa - Water


Water is a revitalising blend of grapefruit, mandarin and geranium to refresh and energise the mind. A wake up call in a bottle, the citrus oils will boost your mood and wake up even the sleepiest of people. Take the roller ball in your handbag and use in the car or at your desk for an instant refresh. The body oil is great post exercise, along with our muscle balm to not only hydrate the skin but keep its feeling refreshed.

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