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Now more than ever there is a focus on selfcare at home by creating a relaxation space at home, somewhere you can switch off escape and take a moment of calm. Something we truly believe in at the Spa. We first opened our doors in 2018 but our dreams and plans started long before then, we wanted to create something special, a space where people could escape and enjoy pure relaxation, where they could enhance their overall wellbeing by emerging themselves in nature. We realise how vital this is to everyone and not just people visiting our spa and so our range of products were born so you can spa at home.

In our modern world, mindfulness and looking after your wellbeing should be a priority, here are some tips for selfcare at home and wellness

Create a routine

 Take time to enjoy your product, create a daily ritual where you spa at home, over time this will become instinctive and enhance your experience. When I use our facial oil, I always take a moment to inhale the aroma, gently pressing it onto my face and décolleté, it reminds me of having a facial and the massage you have with the oil. 

Embrace aromas

Aromatherapy works on your olfactory system (the part of the brain which also triggers your memory) take a moment to inhale slowly the aroma of your products before applying them to help create a longer lasting experience.

Power of touch

Whether that’s taking time to cleanse your face or massaging your body oil in. Connecting with your skin aids relaxation.

Emerge in Nature

A key concept of our Spa design is the amount of natural light and letting nature in, try to work near a window, nurture your house plants and try to get outside everyday.

Thank you for taking the time to read our selfcare at home story.

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