This month I’m being joined by the wonderful Jodie, who is our Assistant manager at the Spa, for our Instagram lives. Incase you can’t watch them I’ll follow each live with a blog about the subject.

Perhaps you already have a routine or this could be a new start into skincare for you. Firstly I don’t want anyone to feel pressured into trying a new skincare routine or being expected to buy the whole range, our range was designed to sit alongside and slot in with whatever else you’re using.

Jodie and I, over the next month, will talk through each of the products, what’s the key ingredients, the benefits and how you would use them at home stand alone or alongside another product.

We’re going to start with cleansing and what does that really mean?

Simply speaking it is cleaning your face and neck. Using a cleanser helps remove makeup, sweat and environmental factors (such as pollution) and you want to do this without stripping the skin of your natural oils. There are many types of cleanser, and I would recommend you use one that is designed for your skin type, one that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and doesn’t contain foaming agents (SLS) which can dry the skin and cause irritation. You should cleanse morning and night.

Why should I double cleanse at night?

Double cleansing is the best way to ensure your skin is really clean especially if you’re putting on after other products. Your first cleanse is to remove and break down makeup, SPF and excess sebum (your skins natural oil) using a balm or oil based cleanser will do this. You then would use a water based cleanser for the second to give your skin its ‘clean’.

Our cleansing balm does both as its an oil base that becomes a milk texture once wet. So you can use our cleanser for both or alternatively use a different milk/cream based one for your second cleanse. Avoid harsh foaming washes or anything that makes your skin feel ‘squeaky’ as this can be very drying on the skin and therefore cause irritation or over stimulation of your natural oils, and they will produce more to counterbalance this.

Elements Essentials Reuseable Bamboo Cotton Pads

Removing your cleanser is just as important, this is why we launched our reusable cleansing pads. Made with bamboo and organic cotton they are an eco-friendly alternative to cotton wool and can be easily washed as often as needed, so you can use a clean one every cleanse. Using the same flannel/cloth and not washing in between isn’t recommended as you don’t want to use a dirty piece of material on your face for the obvious reasons.

Each bag has 10 pads, and it’s perfect to store them in and wash them, simply wash on a cool cycle and air dry. Think how much you’ll save on cotton pads!

Final tip, make sure the water isn’t too HOT. Your skin doesn’t love hot hot hot water it can cause sensitivity and irritation.

Why and how often should we exfoliate?

Exfoliation is using a manual (grain/salt/sugar), acidic toner or enzyme product to remove dead skin cells that could be ‘clogging up’ and preventing absorption of your products (so technically you’re putting on your creams, oils and serums onto dead skin and only 30% is getting in) by exfoliating regularly it allows your ‘new’ skin cells to come through and your skin to feel smooth, fresh and healthy.

Our facial scrub has a blend of gentle grain, shea butter, peach kernel oil and birch oil. 

Ideally exfoliate 1-2 a week, (if using our scrub you can make it gentler by adding water or mixing it with your cleanser for a quick fix)

After you have exfoliated you would then apply your chosen serum/moisturiser or face oil depending on the time of day, and I promise you your skin will glow!

Thank you for taking the time to read our selfcare at home story.

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