Facial oils and our jade roller routine

We recently launched our first facial massage at home set, a beautiful jade roller & gua sha stone set. I thought it would be good to explain a little bit more about these two pieces, how and when to use them and which products work well with them.

Jade has long been known for its cooling and calming properties on the skin. The cool, smooth weighted-ness of polished crystal can energise and renew the complexion and give a glow to the skin. 

Crystals are naturally cooler than room temperature so lend themselves to calm inflammation, by using them to massage it can help boost lymphatic drainage and the cool compresses applied to the skin may calm swelling temporarily. 

They can also help distribute your facial oil or serum evenly, and make for a lovely relaxing and calming moment in your skincare routine. 

We want this to be a moment of calm, self love and relaxation, so take time to make this a ritual. Whether that’s putting the roller in your fridge for a refreshing morning start or at bedtime after a long bath.

Using our facial oils lends itself so well to the roller, so here is a little information and some tips:

Balancing Facial OilSee Product info

balancing-facial-oil Elements Boutique Spa

Who is it for?
Skin that tends to be oilier or prone to a breakout, younger skins and those with excess shine.

What’s in it that’s good for my skin?
Our base is jojoba oil which naturally absorbs into the skin as it mimics our natural sebum (our skins natural oil) so it won’t leave you feeling greasy. Tea tree gently purifies, birch soothes and squalene deeply hydrates and helps protect the skins barrier.

Revitalising Facial OilSee Product info

Who is it for?
Skin that tends to be dull in appearance, dehydrated and dryer, maturer skin and ones lacking a little ‘glow’.

What’s in it that’s good for my skin? 
Our base for this is also jojoba oil which as mentioned before, is naturally absorbed into the skin as it mimics our natural sebum (our skins natural oil) so it won’t leave you feeling greasy. Rosehip helps even out your skin tone, while Raspberry seed and Blackcurrant seed are rich in anti-oxidants which help fight against free radicals (like air conditioning/pollutions and chemicals in the air)

When should I use them? 
On a cleansed skin before you put on your moisturiser and SPF in the morning. In the evening it can be used as a night treatment oil and the last thing you put on. 1-2 pumps and gently press into the face and neck using either our jade roller or gua sha stone to massage it in. 

As always any questions about this blog, our products or Skincare tips, please do reach out.

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