Knowing your skin type is so important when it comes to choosing the right products and ensuring the ones you’re using are helping and working for your skin and not causing irritation.

A common misconception is confusing your skin type with a skin condition. Simply put, your skin type is what you are born with and you can manage with the right products, a skin condition is something that can effect your skin at any point in your life, that can come and go and is often treatable, again with the right products.

Skin Types;


Wash your face. Don’t put anything on your skin. How does it feel?

Tight | Sore | Dry | Flaky | Dull looking
Your skin is Dry, this means your skin is lacking sebum (our natural skins protector). Not to be confused with dehydrated skin, you need to add nourishment to your skin, think balms, oils and richer creams.

Shiny | Oily to touch all over the face | Breakouts/Spots | Larger pores across your face
Your skin is Oily, this means you have an excess amount of sebum (our skins natural oil). A common mistake is using products that strip or remove these natural oils. Your skin needs these oils, they just need to be kept in check. Look for lighter cleansers and facial oils as well as oil-free based moisturisers. Avoid products that leave your skin feeling tight or dry, as these are stripping and will only cause irritation and further oil production as your skin will react to protect the oil its lost.

Oily sections | Dry areas 

Your skin is Combination, the most common is a dryer cheek area and shiny/oily T’Zone (forehead and down your nose and chin). You need a routine that can work on both areas without making either react, so a cleanser that will nourish and not strip the skin, a balancing facial oil and a hydrating moisturiser. 

Red | Sore | Rashes/Bumps | Reacts quickly | Stings/Burns 

Your skin in Sensitive, this can be genetic, environmental or lifestyle led. You need to mindful of your products as you’re more prone to irritation, redness, stinging, burning or even acne breakouts. Avoid heavy fragrances and irritants like alcohol or antibacterial ingredients. Look for products with fewer additives, and seek out those with calming, healing or anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin texture feels supple | No obvious oily or dry areas 

Your skin is Normal, which means you have a happy balance of sebum in the skin. You can use products that are good for all skins or ones that target a concern you have (ageing/dehydration for example)

Skin Conditions

There are a number of skin conditions you can suffer from throughout your lifetime but below are the most common,

Signs of Ageing– The skin loses elasticity and its firmness as we age. Fine lines, deeper wrinkles and can look duller.

Acne– Blackheads, white heads and large pustles (spots that look ready to ‘pop’) a yellow tinge to the skin.

Dehydration – Your skin is lacking WATER and soaks up anything you put on it instantly.

Eczema– Itchy, inflamed and dry skin, can be incredible sore and red. This can be caused by environmental, diet as well products like your washing detergent. Using a richer moisturiser can help soothe it, similar to sensitive skin, avoid heavily fragranced skin and I would recommend seeing your Doctor as well before investing in numerous creams.

Our range was designed to be suitable for all skins but below are some of the range which are more suited for particular skin types.

Cleansing Balm– Dryer and Dehydrated skins as its a rich nourishing balm.

Balancing Facial Oil– Combination to Oilier skins, as its packed full of ingredients that help tone and balance the skin such as tea tree, squalane and jojoba oil, its very light and doesn’t feel too ‘greasy’ on the skin.

Revitalising Facial Oil– Dryer/Maturer skins, packed with anti-oxidant rich ingredients like raspberry seed and blackcurrant seed. Jojoba deeply hydrates and rosehip helps to even the skin tone.

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