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Elements Signature Facials
Our Elements facial is a relaxing and personalised treatment to address your skincare concerns and ensure pure relaxation. The facial includes a skin analysis so we can apply the vest products for your skin and we have treatment times to suit everyones needs. 

Elements Gua Sha Facial 

Our 60 minute Gua Sha facial ritual designed to relive tension and stress promote clear skin,reduce wrinkles and leaves the skin with and overall radiant appearance, you get to unwind with a choice of either a hand & arm massage or scalp to completely de stress the mind. This facial will lifts and tighten the skin, aid in reducing puffiness and dark circles, and Improve overall skin appearance.                                      

Aromatherapy Associates

Ultimate Wellbeing Facial
This ultimate wellbeing experience is more than just a facial, it’s a pioneering 90 minute treatment that focuses on lowering stress levels in the mind and encouraging a full reset and repair for the skin and mind. This treatment caters to all your needs, you will choose an aromatherapy oil through an aroma test and a face oil suited to your skin type. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, and will leave you with a feeling of complete relaxation of the mind and body.  

Rebalancing Facial
Discover equilibrium and harmony with our Rebalancing Aromatherapy Facial. Specially curated to bring balance to breakout prone and irritated skin, it is also suited for all skin types. This restorative treatment combines the power of essential oils to revitalise your complexion and soothe your senses. Experience a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, and nourishing mask, all infused with calming aromatherapy oils, followed by a therapeutic facial massage to revitalise your skin and restore emotional balance. Leave feeling renewed, with a rebalanced complexion.

Ultimate Glow facial
Introducing our Glow Facial, a rejuvenating experience that will leave your skin glowing with radiance. This specialised treatment is designed to bring out your natural glow and it’s suitable for all skin types. We will pamper your skin with a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and a nourishing mask to revitalise your complexion. The soothing facial massage further enhances circulation and relaxation. leaving your skin radiant and glowing. Embrace the transformative power of our glow facial and walk away feeling renewed and glowing from within

Skin Ceuticals – Results Driven Facials 
Skin Ceuticals advanced facials  help and support a healthy skin renewal process. These facials are more than a pampering facial and will target your specific skin concerns such as acne or discolouration.  Advanced treatments include chemical peels, along with targeted products containing biologically active ingredients to support the health of your skin cells and address your individual specific skin concerns

Discolouration Facial
Designed to target signs of discolouration, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Soothing Facial 
Designed to calm inflamed or sensitive skin.

Purifying Facial
Designed for oily/combination skin, prone to blemishes, blocked pores and acne.

Hydration Facial
Designed to strengthen skins natural barrier to prevent water loss.
Gel Peel
Designed for all skin types, helps to restore radiance.  

         Signature Facial         
Choose from any one of our Skin Ceuticals Facials and couple this with our Gel Peel for optimum results. This 75 minute facial will target your specific skin concerns and leave you with bright radiant skin. 

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